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Products *Guarantees and product benefits are subject to product terms, exclusions, and limitations and the insurer's claims paying ability and financial strength.

Do you have Grandchildren?

    If so, you will love our Guaranteed Memories plan. Your grandchildren will receive $100, $200, or $500 every birthday until they are age 55, at which time they will receive a lump sum. For more information about this one-of-a-kind plan, click on the following link:


Are You a School Employee?

   I have worked with school and state employees for more than 40 years. Below is a sample menu of benefits (Sept. 2007). Even if you are not a school employee, most of the products are available and appropriate for your consideration.


There are “gaps/niches” between what your basic school insurance pays and what it actually costs in the “real world” if you are faced with a major illness or accident, especially if you elect to use medical specialists of your own choice, outside a PPO.

During my life’s work for the past 45+ years as a professional insurance agent, working with educators and other school employees, we have developed a package of supplemental products and services that help fill the gaps/niches.

If you are a long-time employee, you will probably recognize us as long-time representatives for AFLAC, PIC, Old Line Life, AIG, United Teachers Associates and other companies that offer special products and services to school employees. If you are a newer employee, we look forward to sharing information about the unique benefits that are available to you on a voluntary basis.

Your attention is directed toward three particular plans that we are currently enrolling:

1 - Cancer . . . and Specified Disease . . . Insurance

2 –Heart Attack . . . and Major Heart Surgery . . . Insurance

3 –Affordable Individual & Family Permanent Life Insurance

I consider myself somewhat an authority on the first two policies, since I have learned through years of experience in helping clients file claims and, recently, I had occasion to need the benefits of these policies personally. So I can tell you exactly how they help. I firmly believe every family should give these policies special priority consideration.

Other benefits are briefly described on the enclosed menu; you are encouraged to review them at your convenience and inquire about items of interest. I welcome your questions and the opportunity to give you enough additional information for you to make an informed decision about your own needs.

*** If you are one of our clients already with AFLAC, PIC, United Teachers Associates, or another of our companies, and we haven’t reviewed and up-dated your coverage within the past two years, please telephone at your earliest convenience, and leave your name and number, so that we can arrange to review and up-date your coverage. This is especially important if you have an older AFLAC cancer policy. Most older cancer policies have limited benefits – in today’s medical environment they need to be up-dated (we offer new policies with important new, increased benefits).


RETURN THIS FORM TO --------------------------à>>                         Jerry Stephens C.L.U.

PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME _________________                  Creative Insurance Benefits

HOME ADDRESS _________________TEL.______               P.O. Box 5915-Lake Charles, LA70606

I AM INTERESTED IN CANCER ( ) HEART ( )                                          337-477-1571

       LIFE ( ) AND BENEFITS NUMBER____( )


Each year about 2 ½ million people die in the U.S. More than 1 ½ million die of heart disease and heart attack and 500,000 die of cancer. That means that after everyone has run into each other in automobile accidents, been shot or stabbed, drowned, died of diabetes, committed suicide, and died from all other causes, cancer and heart disease account for almost 4 out of every 5 deaths.

Just think of that for a moment – 4 out of every 5 will eventually face one of these two illnesses (isn’t that what your own experiences show you among your own family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers?). So it becomes obvious why we need to protect ourselves against these two financially destructive illnesses.

1 – CANCER/FIRST DIAGNOSIS LUMP SUM BENEFIT – 1 out of every 2 men and 1 out of every 3 women! 3 out of every 4 families! Those are the chances that you and your family will be faced with this dread disease.

Unlike in earlier years, diagnosis of cancer is no longer a death sentence. With prompt diagnosis and treatment 45% of all diagnosed cases can be cured - but it takes money. I know - I know -you think "it won't happen to me." But, what if it does? When the doctor says "you have the big "C", it is one of those life-changing events. You start thinking and asking. . . what kind of cancer; where is it located; has it spread; what is the best treatment; where should I get it; how much is it going to cost?

Your major medical will pay for cancer, just like it pays for any other illness; it will pay the doctor and hospital (about 34% of the total costs). but the indirect non-medical costs (about 66% of the total costs) are out-of-pocket expenses . . lost earnings by both you and your spouse, travel, food, lodging, and other expenses. There will be deductibles and co-insurance amounts. Some chemotherapy/ radiation treatments range from $3 per day to as high as $6,000 per treatment. Many cancer patients do not die from cancer – they die from infection! Cancer and cancer treatment affects the bone marrow’s ability to produce adequate white blood cells. When this happens, infection sets in. Colony Stimulating Factor drugs are specifically designed to stimulate the bone marrow to produce more infection fighting white blood cells and more oxygen carrying red blood cells. U.S. brand names include Neupogen and Leukine and Procrit and Epogen. In the U.S. during the year 2000, Epogen was the number one dollar volume drug sold in non-federal hospitals. The average regimen of the use of these drugs can add $15,000 to $55,000 to the costs. Many major medical plans and most individual cancer policies do not cover these drugs.

This Lump Sum Policy pays in cash, all at one time, directly to you, in addition to any other insurance, and you know exactly how much you will be paid - you select $10,000 to $50,000. You can use the money any way you want. Coverage is guaranteed renewable for life; the benefits never decrease because of age and premiums do not increase because of age. You can purchase this coverage for as little as $8.50 per month for $10,000 and $42.50 per month for $50,000.

2 – HEART ATTACK AND MAJOR HEART SURGERY – Do you know someone who has suffered a critical heart attack,or had major heart surgery, such as stents? What would you do if it were you who experienced and survived one of these catastrophic events? What would happen to your quality of life? Who would pay the mortgage or rent? Who would pay the car or truck payment? Who would pay the everyday expenses and take care of your financial needs? You will if you are protected with the Heart policy, because it will pay you a Lump Sum amount up to $50,000 (you choose the amount) when you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness! That’s right, CASH PAID DIRECTLY TO YOU while you are alive and when you and your family need it most! And you can use the funds for anything you want! Pay for experimental drugs not covered by health insurance; pay deductibles and copayments; relax . . . this money can replace your income while you are disabled, take a vacation, pay bills, or give yourself a little "rainy day" fund. This policy pays in addition to any other insurance; coverage is guaranteed renewable for life; the benefits never decrease because of age and premiums do not increase because of age. You can purchase this coverage for as little as $9.00 per month for $10,000 and $45.00 per month for $50,000.


Guaranteed permanent (not term) life insurance to age 100 with low premiums guaranteed to stay the same to age 100. Great rates. Available for as little as $3 per week. Example:

                            male, age 45 - $100,000, $68.00 per month

                            female, age 35 - $100,000, $31.00 per month

                            children - $25,000, $7.00 per month

Other amounts as low as $10,000 and rates as low as $12 per month available.

No physical exam. Smokers pay same as non-smokers. Rates don’t go up as you get older, change jobs, or retire and you own this policy and can take it with you, unlike your group term insurance, which reduces and/or terminates as you grow older.

4 – TAX SHELTERED ANNUITIES (TSA) – If you have savings invested in CDs, Money Market accounts, bank savings accounts, credit unions, and other after-tax accounts, we can show you how to immediately increase your yield by 45%. A TSA is absolutely the best way that you have to save money – its better than anything you are already doing – CDs, credit union, educational savings accounts, cash value life insurance – any of those things. You can reduce your taxes – not just on the amount of money you save, but on your entire income – and redirect taxes that you are now paying to Uncle Sam directly into your own savings/retirement plan.

If you already have savings in a TSA (or 401K or IRA) or a non-qualified annuity, and your current interest rate is 4%, 5%, or 6%, you should take time to consider a roll-over to our special roll-over annuity with a first year yield of 11.3%.

If you are an investor in the stock market, either individual stocks or mutual funds, and you have the jitters about the recent ups and downs in the daily Dow averages, you might want to consider capturing any gains or guarding against further losses. You, too, can leverage your money by re-positioning your funds to a TSA and re-capturing the taxes - $69 becomes $100 and you can guarantee a return of your money, as well as a guaranteed return on your money.

Here’s how it works. If your investment has earned $1,000, you’ll receive a 1099 for $1,000 of income. This means you’ll owe Uncle Sam $310 (those in the 28% FIT and 3% SIT tax bracket). That $310 equals 31% of what you earned, but it equals 45% of the amount you get to keep. We can show you how to convert the $69 to $100 in your TSA – and you won’t receive any more 1099s. Your TSA will grow without any current taxes into a sizable sum, providing you with a future income from what would otherwise have been 100% tax dollars. This means you can have a lifetime interest income, and during your lifetime, you will never have to pay tax on the fund that provided the income.

TSAs are for teachers what 401Ks are to other employees. All investment advisors agree that employees should “max out” their 401K savings before using other savings vehicles. That is sound advice for teachers too! You can start with amounts as low as $50 per month – just get started!

5 – VOLUNTARY DENTAL PLAN -Use any dentist. No age limit. Coverage for diagnostic, preventive, basic, and major dental services.


Special way for school employees to pay premiums with “before-tax” dollars. For every $100 you are paying for life insurance now, after-tax, it’s actually costing you approximately $139 of earnings. We can show you how to put the $39 of taxes back in your paycheck. We can also show you how to have more life insurance without spending any “out-of-pocket” money. Ask how.

7 – “MONEY-BACK" TERM LIFE INSURANCE – If you agree with the “buy term-invest the difference” theory, this is your product. You receive a refund of all your premiums at the end of the policy term (10, 15, 20, 30 years). So you have a death benefit if it is needed, and your money back if you live. To compare the cost of term life insurance with 125 of the top companies in the U. S., click on

8 – HOME GUARD MORTGAGE PROTECTION – Best mortgage protection in America.

(1) Pays mortgage if the insured dies; (2) Pays mortgage payment if the insured becomes disabled;

(3) Monthly premium waived if the insured becomes unemployed; (4) Returns all the premiums paid at the end of the mortgage. Protection when you need it; a refund if you don’t, to add to your savings or retirement. Protection can include either spouse or both.

9 – DISABILITY INCOME/”PAYCHECK PROTECTION” – Pays you an income if you are injured or sick and cannot work. Disability income is paid in addition to any other income, including sick pay, social security, worker’s compensation, etc. You may keep coverage if you change jobs, leave group, or retire. Covers maternity as any other illness. What would you do if your last paycheck was your last paycheck?

10 – ASSET ALLOCATION – Re-position money from a CD, a presently owned cash value life insurance policy, or other funds and immediately increase it’s value from 20% to 190%. For example, a female, age 65, can deposit $50,000 and receive $219,000 of Nursing Home care or Home Health care; a tax-free life insurance death benefit of $109,000; access to your cash at any time, for any reason; earn competitive tax-deferred interest; and . . . should you ever become dissatisfied or find another program that seems better for you. . .a lifetime money-back guarantee. A “good sense” program as both a financial and insurance strategy. Very helpful in planning for yourself and/or your parents.

For a complete brochure and explanation of any benefit, please return the reply form by mail, or email or telephone 337-477-1571. Thanks for your courtesy in reviewing this information.

For my website visitors, please go to "Contact Us" tab. Thanks.

Business is great – People are terrific – Life is good

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