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Premium Financed Life Insurance Program

(A Proprietary Program)



Our national organization has a Proprietary Program with special relationships with some of the oldest, largest, and most respected banks like Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan and others and some 100 year old, A+ life insurance companies like John Hancock, Penn Mutual, Zurich and others.

Our banks and life insurance partners work together to provide a unique method for qualified high net worth individuals and hospitals, universities and qualified small businesses to solve insurance needs and achieve goals - WITH NO-OUT-OF-POCKET COST, using the bank's money.

Many fortune 500 companies have owned life insurance on key employees for more than 50 years and many of them use the strategy of "premium financing".

Our strategic bank and insurance company partners have created a very unique premium financing program.  The bottom line is our clients can purchase a policy on themselves, let the bank pay the premium, let the interest on the bank loan be included in the policy, create a substantial multimillion dollar life insurance benefit for the client's beneficiary, and create a very attractive lifetime, tax-free retirement income, with no out-of-pocket-cost to the client.


We have been a leader in structured premium financing for over 21 years.  We have more than 1,800 clients with more than $9 billion of first year premiums


                                                without our clients writing a single check !


BY THE WAY, OUR LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES HAVE 96% CASH VALUE THE FIRST YEAR.   Want to see an illustration?  Perhaps we should talk.

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