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Premium Financed Life Insurance Program

(A Proprietary Program)


Financial institutions have for years provided a strategy called "premium financing". Many Fortune 500 companies have used this strategy for more than 40 years to provide life insurance for their employees.

Our strategic insurance partners, along with our affiliated network of banks, has created a very unique premium financing program for high net worth individuals and special groups of corporations, charities, universities, private schools, and hospitals.

The key to the program is the "accelerated" funding. Our affiliated network of banks will arrange to loan an individual ten years of premiums up front to purchase a policy of $1 million or more. Monies are paid to the insurance company every year for ten years (when the policy is paid up). The balance will generate a return that will be credited to the client to pay down the interest cost and the total loan will be repaid to the bank from the policy cash values or from the death benefit, whichever occurs first. What does this mean to the individual? Substantial amounts of life insurance for beneficiaries and estate planning with no premiums or interest payments. NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS !

"Too good to be true" and "no free lunch". Let us show you and your advisors how this amazing strategy can benefit you.

Jerry Stephens C.L.U.

Creative Insurance Benefits

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