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Interesting links for your information and enjoyment.

Some of these links are insurance related and will provide you with helpful information. Others are included, simply because I have found them to be educational, informative, and enjoyable.

Compare Term Life Insurance rates of 125 Top U.S. Insurance Companies This website allows you to directly access one of the same sites that I use to compare rates and companies. You can check rates for 10-15-20-25-30 year term; 10-15-20-25-30 year term with a return of premium You will not be asked for your name, address, or telephone number. No one will call you, but I would hope that you check back with me and give me a chance to earn your business. The software that I subscribe to provides many more details and permits more specific "what ifs"; so take a look for yourself and then let's discuss the best value for you.

National Cancer Institute - Comprehensive source of cancer research, statistics, and information Reliable source of everything related to cancer. Click on "cancer topics", "resources", and "personal affairs worksheet" for a form to list important information for the benefit of your loved ones.

Should you begin to take your Social Security at age 62 or age 67? Choosing when to take Social Security benefits is an important part of maximizing your income in retirement. Simply enter your age, gender and income and this MetLife tool helps you decide when to begin taking your benefits.

McNeese State University Cowboys Unofficial website of McNeese Cowboys and participated in by Cowboy fans from all over the globe. Keep up with all the happenings with the Cowboys outstanding 1-AA (now known as FCS) sports programs. Consistently ranked among the best 1-AA football teams in the nation, and with our nationally recognized "weekend tailgatin festivities", you can stay current by clicking on "Forum" and join in with your comments. "Geaux Cowboys". I invite you to join us as a member of the "Cowboy Club".

Outstanding resource site. This is one of the most comprehensive resource sites on the web. You will like the hundreds of immediate links to useful information.

Daily Devotional Wonderful daily inspirational message of faith in inerrant word of God.

Travel Information - Check airfares, hotels, car rentals One of the best sites for comparing airfares and checking for last minute travel bargains.

Stephens Inc. - Just to name drop and brag a little about my bloodline

My grandfather's brother founded this company, one of the largest investment banking firms off of Wall Street. They have several very useful online financial guides that you can access by clicking on "Private Client Group" at top of home page; then click on tab at right "online financial guides". Estate planning guide, retirement planning guide, education planning guide, savings goal, retirement calculator, college cost, bond yield, etc.

Smart Money - Excellent source of financial news, information, and helpful tools Click on "Personal Finances" "How much life insurance do you need", "How much Disability Income do you need?"; "Do you need Long Term Care insurance?" - Outstanding tools and worksheets.

Louisiana Stuff - Food, music, culture It'll tickle your taste buds, eardrums, and funny bone.

Get A Health Insurance Quote Now - Assurant Life Input some basic information and see current cost of Health Insurance/Major Medical Insurance; then let me help you make an informed decision about the benefits for you and your family.

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