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Affordable Life Insurance

Many of you have seen and heard the advertisements which state "we got someone $500,000 of coverage for only $15 a month" and other similar claims. Those companies are guilty of "bait and switch" tactics, because they quote the low rates that are only available to "preferred risks" - those who are in excellent health, no family medical history, ideal height and weight, and ideal body fat, ideal cholesterol readings, blood pressure, etc.

The brochure below provides figures for different amounts of life insurance coverage for the average person with a few imperfections -a rate that most people can qualify for, without a medical exam and we can take your application on the internet or by phone.

So take a look at these rates, and if you need additional life insurance, give me a call or go to Contact Us tab (we will receive by email)  and let us answer any questions that you might have. I apologize for the small print, but that is as big as we can make it on the page.


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